Our Team

organic harvest grocery store birmingham staffKenny Camp, Owner

Kenny opened Organic Harvest with his father, Ken, in 2005. Before that, he managed other organic retail stores. Like all Organic Harvest employees, Kenny has a super power. Kenny has super vision. He notices “everything.” From merchandise placed in just the right spot to a friendly face he may not have seen for a while, Kenny takes notice. If you stop buy our store and happen to see Kenny, he is likely to tell you just how much he appreciates your business.


organic harvest grocery store birmingham staffSherry Murer, Supplements, Health & Beauty Manager

For 9 years Sherry has been Organic Harvest’s go-to for all things related to supplements and therapeutic-grade essential oils. On any given weekday, you will find Sherry and her team providing one-on-one help to those new to supplements. Sherry loves to hear your stories about how well one of our products has worked. Outside Organic Harvest Sherry spends time with her dog, Buster, her cat, Indy, and her horse, Tessa.

organic harvest grocery store birmingham staffLaurel LeBron, Supplements Assistant Manager

Laurel has been a key member of the Organic Harvest team for the past 7 years. She specializes in keeping our supplements department in top shape. She thrives in helping you find just the right product for your needs. She has a degree in Applied Science/Greenhouse Industry and has a background working with local nurseries. In addition to her green thumb, Laurel has a passion for science fiction and fantasy novels.